A few mood boards in which I tried to capture the feeling and inspiration for a number of products. The products in question are displayed in the first picture of each mood board. The mood boards were part of a school assignment where I had to select six products I found interesting. I tried to combine subjects like fashion, architecture, nature and art to express the feelings and associations I get when looking at these products.

This book is a mix of photography and typography of pictures I took and images I created. It’s meant to show the reader what I consider to be an “esthetic object”. I created this book for the course “Esthetics B”, in which we are looking for, and defining, esthetics. I will show you a collection of pictures about different subjects, combined with typography in the hope you will get the associations I get. Esthetics for me is more than just a nice picture, it’s something that moves you, something that makes you think, something that visually stimulates you.  


All the content in this book was created by myself, I would have liked to use existing images so I could show you everything I consider to be “esthetic”, but unfortunately that wasn’t part of the assessment. I went out and tried to find as much material as possible, afterwards I made a selecting of pictures I found worthy of being printed. Some pictures are digitally altered and mixed with typography  in order to create more exciting images. 


Realize that this is merely a part of my personal taste, not the whole picture and it’s meant to visually stimulate the reader.

Please enjoy,


Buddy Verstrepen