Molecule, a one of a kind bottle rack made for those live enjoyers who can truly appreciate a good drink with good company. This elegant and fancy design will keep your drinks safe and cozy in a way no other storage device can. Enhance your décor and drinking experience with the help of this aesthetic companion who you will enjoy for life.  


Molecule is a product born out of desire, a desire to translate a fascination for the molecular world into something graspable with the naked eye. A stylized molecular structure, symmetry, flow and connectivity melted into a functional product which stores up to six bottles of your favorite beverage.

Molecule has no front, back, bottom or top and can therefore be used vertically as well as horizontally. She is made by stacking multiple layers of laser-cut (poplar triplex) wood on top of each other to create a fluid three dimensional shape. Instead of a conventional bottle rack, molecule consist only out of a single contour which creates a nice open shape, but is still able to store bottles at given points as a normal rack.


When used in a horizontal position, additional space is opened up beneath and above the body, potentially storing up to 10 bottles. 


Dimensions: 19x23x69cm