Lux, a hand-sculpted, two meter high light giving being. A human designed organism translated into a product, shaped through evolution, overcoming man-made obstacles. Inspired and built by both natural and technological rules. Conceptual design, functional art, a living lamp.  


Lux is the result of a three months biological study and a two months shaping process, in which key elements of evolution and growth were translated into a light giving sculpture. She was built the way nature would grow an organism, materializing in layers, starting with a skeleton, then the organs, the flesh and finally a skin. The project started with the design of a simple shapeless organism, which evolved over a series of events, the final form of this creature was then translated into a product.

Her skeleton is a MDF frame, the tissue is sculpted foam and the skin is a layer of glass-fiber and polyester. The organs inside are made from a LED circuit which is covered by silicone to soften the glow and to give it a flesh like feeling. She gets her nutrition through an umbilical cord like wire, which plugs into the electric circuit of a home.


Because she still has to please the user in order to survive in this new surroundings, she was made so her light can be increased, decreased and changed from color through the convenience of a wireless remote.  

Dimensions: 33x37x210cm