Say hello to Hive, one of my first designs ever, a free flowing form functioning as a lamp. The original idea for Hive found its origin in a school assessment, years later she was brought back to live and redesigned to grow into the perfect flowing entity she is today. Inspired by the flow of nature and growing structures, she is the most simple translation from nature to product I have in my portfolio. A direct shape to product translation, no creatures to resemble, no evolution to go through, no nothing, just a pure natural shape.


Hive takes shape by fitting variable sized rib like rings into a spine like carrying basis, the spine like base gradually flows from thick to thin in order to reduce the needed material to support itself. The rings go from small to large and back to small again, the distance between the ribs is enough to let a sufficient amount of light out but at the same time covering up enough of the bulb for a pleasuring sight. The light of the bulb is being reflected by the variable sized rings onto each other, which creates a soft glow throughout the object.


The whole lamp (except for the electrical details) is made from laser-cut poplar triplex wood, all the parts necessary for carrying the lightbulb are made from messing to create a nice contrast with the dark burned wood.

Hive is a small laser cut lamp made of (poplar triplex) wood. The design is inspired by the flow in nature which was translated into this lamp by taking a spine like base and fitting rib like rings to create a continuous fluid shape. It's easy to build up and hides the bulb from exposure, while at the same time creating enough space for light to exit. The variation in ring size lets the light fall on to the top and bottom surface which results in a glow throughout the lamp.


The final design is fit for a regular light bulb and can be placed on any flat surface, its bulb creates a pleasant ambient light, perfect for setting the mood, or just reading a book close to it.   


Dimensions: 19x20x56cm